Thursday, December 22, 2011

Might and Magic II - Part 10

I have a confession to make.  I sort of used a guide.  Only, 90% of the guides fucking suck.  They all  explain how to get incredibly powerful without ever actually playing the freaking game.  Like how to get 200+ in all stats before ever fighting a battle.  To me, there's no fun in that, so for the most part I'm gonna continue playing the game like I have been.  However, I have to admit I did learn a few things.  Things which I'll probably never get to, at least for a while, mainly because I'll probably forget about them by the next time I play the game.  Anyhow, the show must go on:

Remember these barbarian chicks from awhile back?  Well, turns out I can kill them now, and they're not too hard (This screenshot is the same one I used before.  We're actually much stronger than this now).  They can deal quite a bit of damage, and can one-hit KO both Ian and David (KO is not the same as kill).  They always come in threes, and they give 6000 experience, which is quite a bit at this point, the most I've found for such easy(ish) monsters.  Unfortunately the loot isn't particularly good, but it sells pretty good.  I trained on them for quite awhile before venturing onward.

Near where the barbarians were, we find a passage behind the waterfalls.  I was actually heading back to town at the time, so I ignored it until I saved and then came back.

Good thing I saved.  It teleported me into the desert.  I've not been to the desert yet, so I preceded cautiously.

However, "preceding cautiously" doesn't exactly mean anything in an RPG with random battles.  Whats that saying? "No pain, no gain."

More like "Pain and a Game Over."  The rule of this game is: if you've never seen it before, its going to kill you.

We got murdered by these guys a long time ago.  We can actually survive pretty good on them, but...  The barbarians are easier and give more experience.  Also, there is another monster, called Earth Wyrm, that looks exactly the same, and I wasn't paying attention to the names, and yeah...  Lets just say the Earth Wyrms are significantly harder than Wyverns.

We got attacked in Middlegate (the home city).  I know monsters are wandering in the city, but usually they're off somewhere obscure.  These guys were right outside the inn, which is strange.  We make quick work of them.  And they dropped a treasure chest, which Hein tried to open, but it blew up.  I mean, come on!  These are fricking easy monsters!  The chest should be easy to disarm!  But then I forgot how bad a thief Hein is...

Crap, not again!

First a trap hits us, and then we get attacked by vampire rats.  Thankfully vampire rats are easy.  We fight a few battles, run from others and get out of the castle.  I think this one was Hillstone Castle?

We manage to find Sandsobar, but get attacked by Mad Peasants.  We decided to pay them off, in one of the only times (possibly the only time) I actually use the bribe option..  They're pretty bad ass, and everytime I fled, we'd get to another spot with them.  So it was either get murdered by them, or pay them off.  1000 gold is nothing.  If we pooled all our money together we have like 100,000.

It came from the swamp!  The castle is near the swamp.  Despite looking like a mummy, Swamp Things are not undead.  We tried using Turn Undead, but it didn't do anything.  They weren't particularly hard.  We tried to fight some more, but we "Got lost" in the swamp, which just teleported us onto the road by the swamp.  We gave up and headed back to Middlegate to sell stuff.

I'm already scared.

I was actually surprised it was a scripted battle versus and not an actual dungeon.  I was hoping for a dungeon actually.  Guess what?

I vaguely remember Murray's Resort Island from a previous update, but I'm uncertain if I ever went there.  I figured might as well go there anyway.  Unfortunately, just paying the 5k tells us where the boat to get there is...

These mountain "men" must eat a lot of soy, or something.  They have a lot more estrogen than they should have, methinks.  We already have the Honor Sword, lets try and get the Sword of Valor to go with it!

Holy crap!  We were able to do it!  Now, similar to the Honor Sword, the Valor Sword cannot be equipped and as such, is just there wasting space in our inventory.  Now I just need the Nobility Sword.  Too bad I don't remember where that was...

Remember the giant treadmill from last update that I didn't know what it did and screwed it up by saying "no?" Well, this is about where I started using the guide.

The treadmill  permanently raises your speed parameter by ten.  You can also use it repeatedly, but it will stop once the parameter is at 50ish.  So if you were lucky and someone had 49, it would give you ten points putting you at 59, but if you were unlucky and had 50, it wouldn't do anything.  To use it repeatedly, you have to exit the dungeon and re-enter it, its kind of annoying, but its worth it. This makes the game quite a bit easier, although we still get murdered on a regular basis.  We just attack first, and then die.

I saved Sherman and Nakazawa.  I had no idea I was doing it at the time though.  They were held captive by a normal battle it seemed.  I didn't read any text before the battle, and the battle were some form of the barbarian chicks.  Peabody better be thankful!  Hopefully he'll let us use the WABAC Machine! I like how Sherman tells me which inn they'll be at, but doesn't tell us what city that inn is at.

Again, the guide explained where to find Lloyd.  I knew he was somewhere in Corak's Cave which I explored a long time ago, but I was never able to find him.  Turns out the programmers were being assholes and hid him BEHIND the wall where the exit is!  So now I have Lloyd's Beacon, but I haven't used it yet.  I'll have to figure out how it works in this game, but I know it will be useful.

Kind of a weird combination.  Clerics assisted by Robbers?  I think this is part of the class specific quests.  I'm not entirely looking forward to them...

Holy Word sounds good.  I know its a cleric spell, but I don't remember what it does...

Remember the Gourmet?  Well, from what I read on the guide, his quest involves eating all the meals in all the cities.  So that's what we're doing.  Red Hot Wolf Nipple Chips?  Well, the druid sure seemed to like them...  I've eaten all the meals at whatever city this is, and Middlegate.  Only three more cities to go, although I haven't even been to one of them yet, and I don't remember where Vulcania is...

And thats the end of this update.  Overall, I learned some good things from the guide, but I think I'm gonna continue the long arduous way I've been going.  At least its fun.  Being overpowered would be nice, but to me, that isn't really experiencing the game the way it was meant to be played.  I prefer to be overpowered near the endgame, not the beginning.

One thing I'll try and keep in mind is that training in other cities give better stats.  I've been training in Middlegate which has the worst returns.  Atlantium, the city I haven't found yet, has the best, but I'll settle with Tundara, which is in the middle.  Vulcania would be better, but I can't remember where that is.

Once Ian becomes level 17, I'll start breaking the game.  That will be a LONG time from now though, as it already takes hundreds of thousands of experience to gain a level.  At level 17 a Sorcerer can cast Enchant Item (which I'll need to find, first, making it an even longer time from now).  With Enchant Item, we can enchant our equipment to +50 or so.  Right now the highest + we have is a +9 helmet.

I should rearange my party.  I should make it Swift, Drog, Jeanne, Sir Hyron, Hein, Elayne, David, Ian.  Elayne is a bad ass fighter, but she has a wicked bow that does crazy damage, so she'll stay behind Hein, even though she has more HP.  Bows can only be used when you're not in hand-to-hand combat, and being further in the back, she has a lower chance to be in hand-to-hand combat.  Even if Drog gets higher HP than Swift, I'll keep Swift in the front.  I'm not letting some mercenary lead my party!

Also, holy crap I have a lot of gems.  I do cast spells that need gems, but even so, I rarely actually cast magic that isn't for healing.

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