Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Might and Magic III - Part 3

An update four months after the last one. Thats not too bad, right? I mean, it could have been a year. This should be a shorter update, I didn't really do much in the game, basically just reacquainting myself.


We start off by going into a dungeon.


The Temple of Moo, to be precise. Its right outside Fountain Head, so its probably easy enough for milk drinkers (to use an appropriate Skyrim term) like us to complete.


So we'll have to face the undead. Not too bad, we already cleared out the dungeon of Baywatch, which also had undead in it. We're actually probably overpowered for this dungeon. Crusader is a skill that characters can get, and as far as I know, its sole purpose is to let you enter castles.


There are numerous skeletons and piles of bones in the corner of each room. Most don't give anything, but some have decent looking skulls.


I never showed a picture of a zombie last update, so here's one now. They're pretty slow moving, but have a ton of health. When they hit someone, they may cause the disease status.


Theres nothing really worth mentioning about skeletons other than they also have a high amount of HP.


Strangely enough, theres not that many places to bash down walls. This message is misleading.


Cathedral of Carnage sounds kind of intense. What is the secret code for though?


Hein more or less proved he is the same Hein from MM2 with this chest. There was decent enough loot in it though, so it was worth it.


Evil things? Thats pretty ironic since Castle Whiteshield is home to the Good King. I guess he just throws evil things in the dungeon so he doesn't have to worry about them.


Getting close to the boss and we've got two people unconscious. This is gonna go well. We spend a lot of time casting healing spells to get them up to par. Unfortunately it nearly took all of David and Jeanne's SP to do it.


Aww the Cleric of Moo is really just some dude. I was hoping it was like a cow or maybe a minotaur.


 I have no idea what this message is for, but obviously its important. Too bad I won't remember it when I have to.


Oh God! What the hell is that?!


Oh, its just Fire Mane. It looks more like a lion, why is it the mascot of the Cult of Moo? Thats really all there is to the Temple of Moo. We go back to town and train some and then do a little more exploring around the Fountain Head and Bay Watch areas.


Outside Fountain Head are quite a few wagons. Some house NPCs such as...


Sophena the Seeress. For a small amount of fold she'll tell you the fortune of one of your characters. This particular fortune is for Ian the Sorcerer. In MM2, Fools were pretty annoying, so I'm expecting the same in MM3, however I don't think they'll have the same ability to shuffle the party around like they did in MM2. Sophena also casts Wizard Eye on the party which is pretty cool I guess. Wizard Eye adds a small minimap to the top right corner of the screen. Unlike the map we make while exploring, the Wizard Eye map is completely visible, even tiles we haven't been on. I don't know how it works in dungeons, like if it lets us see hidden passages behind walls we can bash through. I didn't bother spending money for the other characters fortunes cause I'm pretty poor.


For 100 gold you can buy potions of might from this wagon. Potions of might increase Might by 5 for a short time. Pretty useless if you ask me.


Some wagons are the base of operations of Orc and Goblins. Destroying the wagons nets a bunch of experience, but is also a double edged sword.

Once you destroy the wagons, the monsters it corresponds to will no longer show up in the area. At the beginning of the game it might actually be better not to destroy them, as you can get money and experience from fighting them over and over again. Since we're pretty decently armed and higher in level we destroyed the wagons. Goblins and Orcs don't really give that much experience or gold anymore.


Outside Bay Watch we find some more huts that were bases and shrines for Orcs and Goblins. We destroy them as well.


This hut is important to keep in mind. When you touch the orb the party gains extra SP past the max SP of the character. I'm not sure how much extra we gain, but as long as someone has less than their max SP, you can keep touching the orb and the entire party gets more. Theres a well near Fountain Head that works the same way, except for HP. These are very abuseable, and I intend to abuse them. However, as soon as you rest, the benefit is cancelled and you health and SP go back to your regular max. But with crazy high SP and HP you won't really need to rest that often.


We found a pyramid, but we need a keycard or something to get inside. Thats pretty advanced technology. Maybe there is some credence to the ancient alien "hypothesis" about Egypt. (Bahahahaha, yeah right)


Uh, sure!


Oh swampland... Swampland sucks, and I'm not looking froward to it.


At this point I did have 10,000 gold, so I left it. It was not worth it. There was some good gear, but not worth 10,000 gold.


We travel east of Fountain Head and into new territory. We find some new enemies. I want to say that Wild Fungus can cause some status on the party based on what I remember from a long time ago, but they never came in large numbers and we killed them too fast for them to attack us. In some cases we even killed them with ranged attacks.



 They look pretty pissed. Fortunately they aren't too hard, but they are stronger than the Wild Fungi at least.


This is the fountain you can see in the image with the Oh No Bugs. It temporarily raises Might. I didn't bother checking by how much since the temporary effects are generally really short durations, like 6 hours or something.


I'm pretty sure we already found the pirate's treasure and paid more than it was worth... We don't even have 2000 gems so we can't find out even if we wanted to.


Finally we find a new dungeon to explore!


 I only went inside to get the name of the cave. I didn't even cast light to see whats inside. The Danger Sense bat on the top of the screen was active though, so something is right near the entrance. We'll have to find out in the next update. Hopefully not 4 months from now...


Sort of, kind of, not really the ending stats. Since I'm abusing the HP fountain and the SP orb, I don't actually know how much HP/SP the party has. The greyed out numbers are our magically enhanced values. For HP, I'd say you can probably subtract about 50 to get the regular health, except for Jeanne and Elayne who looks like they have taken some damage. For the SP, you can probably subtract 100. Swift and Hein have no innate magic ability, so they're real max SP is 0. Subtracting 100 to the others makes sense. I'm not sure why Hein is higher in level than everyone else. I need to get Elayne some new armor, she has less Armor Class than the Sorcerer...

 End of Part 3