Sunday, October 23, 2011

Might and Magic II - Part 9

Shortish update. Nothing too important/exciting happened. Here we go!

Poor scientist.  Looks like he's gonna be a slave for quite awhile.  Well, at least he can do the Monster Mash.

The Lich Lord hurt like 500 damage on a single target.  The Monster Masher didn't seem to bad.  I think if it was just the Monster Masher we could have won, although it would have been hard.

Stupid Leprechauns...  They are actually pretty easy. BUT!  They steal ALL your money.  And when you kill them you don't get it all back.  We got a lot back, but its no where near how much we started with.  They were pretty frequent around here so I began running away when I ran into them.

I did eat the bark.  Its anyone's guess as to what it did though.

More signs.  I don't even know which signs I've read or not anymore.

I'm not sure if this is the same guy that wanted the Cupie Dolls.  I should probably go back to the circus, but I'm pretty far away from there.

I missed the teleportation message.  The world in this game is littered with teleportations.  This dungeon looks more mazelike than it really is.  Its actually pretty straight forward.  There are quite a few messages though.  Whether they are important or not is a question.

I bet we have to fight him.  I also bet he will kill us immediately.  Yeah, I'm a pessimist, but...  after how this game has been going, who can blame me?

Everyone's favorite overrated class.  Turns out this dungeon we got teleported to is actually a pretty low level area.  Strange since I was teleported here from a pretty mid-level area...

 I love the names the mercenaries get.  Holy Moley, Slick Pick, H. K. Phooey, and I think there was a Big Fanny.

Okay, well at least we know what the Fluxer and Capitors are for.  Now to actually find some.

I never heard anything about Nomad treasure, but okay!  Treasure sounds good!

Bah, I get more from killing moderately easy monsters...

So I have a heads up on where these boss-type monsters are, but chances are I'm gonna completely forget about them and just randomly run into them on accident.

What?  I said no because I wanted to look at my stats to see if they changed, but then it the message wouldn't pop up again...  So we'll never know.

I'm not sure what this means.  I guess the castle doesn't exist anymore?  I wonder when we'll ever get to go to the past?

Ah crap.  Mr. Wizard is more or less a recurring thing in the series from what I understand.  He doesn't necessarily appear in all the games.  I think I remember reading somewhere that he's a mercenary in this game.  I hope Mr. Wizard enjoys doing the Monster Mash, cause he's going to be doing it for quite a while..

I don't know how powerful Dancing Sword is in this game, but its moderately powerful in MM3.  We'll worry about it when we get there.

Does anyone remember a Nakazawa in Rocky and Bullwinkle?  Cause I don't.  I'm gonna guess that Amazons are Crazed Natives on crack.

Adjusting the torch reveals a hidden area which had more "Nomad treasure" which was essentially the same treasure as the one I have already shown.

Long story short:  We got out of the dungeon and found a few castles.

After we found our way back to Middlegate (or was it Middleton?  I keep forgetting), we grinded a bit on Barbarians, which for some reason I don't have a screenshot of.  Well, they look like the Crazed Natives, only they aren't as dangerous.  Which isn't to say they are easy.  They come in groups of 3 and give 6000 experience which is a lot, and quite a bit of money and pretty decent items.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Might and Magic II - Part 8

Long update today. It would be short if I only used the pictures I had from 6 months ago, but I decided to post the screenshots I took yesterday as well.

That doesn't sound ominous at all! Sure!

Eh, could be worse. We could be dead. It either poisoned or diseased us. I can't remember if poison is a status you can get or not, so its probably disease. You may see that I have Gertrude in the party. That is because I forgot to switch back to Drog when I was comparing their stats (see last update).

I don't have a screenshot of the enemies, but remember how these guys kicked our ass? Well, the tides have turned! We now are the proud new owners of the Honor Sword. Which is a VERY misleading name. I honestly have no idea what the point of the Honor Sword is because its not actually something you can equip. Its just extra baggage at the moment. Thats depressing.

If I can take on OrcCon Goblins won't stand a chance on us.

Ooh look! A new city!

Thats more or less the only thing worth mentioning in Vulcania. Otherwise it was a typical city. I don't think I know who Cron is, but apparently he's in trouble or something. And the kings all apparently want him dead?

Oh good!

Thats the last of the screenshots from 6 months ago. Now on to stuff I actually remember!

I just thought the monster name was funny. The strange thing is it wasn't even in a swamp. As you can see we have Drog back.

Ooh, that sounds nice. Too bad I DIE five steps later and can't remember where this was...
I was wandering around the mountains where I think I was and find this instead:

Well, okay, I guess that makes up for it. We give up on Water Transmutation for now and head back to town to save our progress.

This is right outside Middlegate (the beginning town). Its in the middle of a lake, and David had to cast Walk on Water for us to reach it. Too bad we aren't the chosen ones.

Oh god, not again!

I fought Gnome Elders, and they're not that hard. I never fought Seductresses but since they were with something easy I figured they weren't that hard. I was wrong. I think Drog and Ian were able to run away. One thing I don't think I mentioned, when you're in a dungeon and you run from an enemy it always takes you to the entrance of the dungeon which is very convenient when you've transported to a random dungeon you've never been to.

Turns out we were in Castle Hillstone, a castle I had yet to find. Ironically on the map it was like two spaces south of a road I had been on, so I had just barely missed it awhile ago.

Oh look, more gibberish signs!

I hate druids. This should be fun. Note that I am silenced from fighting Druids already.

This is kind of a bad screenshot, it makes it look like the druid has no head. Druids are really freaking easy and horribly retarded. All the do is use the spell Silence over and over again. I have yet to see one attack. The only damage I was getting was from Hein blowing us up from opening trapped chests. (Yes Hein still fucking sucks at opening chests). Druids only give 600 experience which is divded amongst 8 characters, and we need 10s of thousands of experience for a level, so they aren't worth the experience. However, they are incredibly easy and drop pretty good loot. So we grinded on them for awhile.

Open Sesame did not work. It told me to search the stones which are nearby.

If you use the "D" twice it spells Druids I guess? I'm not sure if I'm missing any letters or not. It doesn't really matter since I couldn't seem to find that damned altar again. However we did find this dude:

Sounds delicious... We'll just leave him alone.

We could use a vacation from murdering Druids. I have no idea where to find a travel agent, and, knowing this game, chances are Murray's Resort won't be as relaxing as it sounds.

And finally our ending stats. I gave all the gems to character that might actually use them. I probably should have given them all to Ian and David, but Jeanne and Elayne can cast magic, its just usually I have them fight. I have no idea why David has so many spell points versus Ian, but I'm not complaining, David typically casts more than Ian anyway what with healing all the time. David has some pretty high defense for some reason. Not sure why that is either. Drog and Elayne have low defense because they both use two handed weapons, so they can't use a shield. Hein has low defense because thieves basically can't equip anything. Swift gets first pick on anything since he's the leader so that explains his defense. Then Swift's hand-me-down's go to Jeanne > Sir Hyron > Drog > Elayne > Hein > David > Ian. Usually hand-me-downs stop at Elayne because Hein usually can't equip it. Jeanne's defense is high because I found something pretty good that only paladins can equip.

Anyhow thats it for this update. I'm gonna try and update once a week. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep that promise or not as college classes are starting to ramp up.