Saturday, October 1, 2011

Might and Magic II - Part 7

This update might be pretty bad... Basically because I don't remember anything about where I was. Worse than yesterday, I'd say. Just a heads up.

I'm pretty sure this would heal us, but as I just started playing, I wasn't even hurt so the point is moot.

Wandering around some city I can't remember we find a few more signs.

Yeah, I still have no idea. I wonder if I'm supposed to figure these out by myself or if the game will tell me how to decipher them eventually. The cipher will probably be written on a wall in a random dungeon. I probably won't even see that wall... Or maybe its written in the wall in the slums?

Suddenly we're being attack in a dungeon.

Like hell I remember which dungeon. Or maybe its a city. Cities tend to have the blue walls and dungeon usually have green walls.

Another year has passed us by. Still we look at ourselves and cry, what kind of adventurers have we become?

Apparently ones that DIE ALOT!  I could probably make another joke about Styx the band, Styx the river, and death, but I'll spare you from bad jokes for now.

Anyhow, now we go to a dungeon. I THINK its Winterhaven Tundara dungeon, but I'm not completely sure.

The room gives you a mace. I have no basis on this, but I'm guessing there might be a chance to get a good mace, but I kept just getting normal maces so I gave up.

So we know where Encasement proper is, and now we know where Fire Encasement is. Though I wonder why Encasement isn't called Water Encasement?

I have no idea what Enchant Item does, but it sounds useful. Unfortunately this message just tells us who teaches it, but not where he is. The fact that he is a recluse doesn't make things easier.  The "by nature" might reference that he's in the elemental plane of Earth.  If there even is an elemental plane of Earth,

Ooh! This sounds like it might have some loot!

Are you serious? Storage room and all it has are torches? Pssh. Got my hopes up for nothing. I have a mage and an archer that can cast Light, why would I carry torches around and waste inventory space? Arguably for when the archer and mage invariably die, but eh, I'll take my chances.

Heh, like that'll stop us. I think the door was locked, and Hein decided he was gonna be a shitty thief, so we bashed it down.

Uhhh, what?

Okay, I vaguely remember this part. This dungeon has a small area that is pretty much impossible to get to when viewed from the map. What you have to do is use this magic location thing to teleport yourself to the area you can't get to. Sorry I don't remember the coordinates at all.

Huh, I think I ran into these natives before. Though seeing this message would not have stopped me from running into them.

The Might and Magic series is a pretty strange one. The title would make you think that its a fantasy game, but there are numerous science fiction references. It'll be more apparent later in the series. I don't really know where MM1 and MM2 fit into the canon of the series. Theres been quite a few hints about how to go into the past so far, but if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not gonna say anything. Mainly because I'm unsure myself, but I have a good guess.

Though to be honest, I'm kind of curious as to why the guy is armed with a phaser in the past. What happened that we're now medieval technologically?

I honestly don't even remember which castles I've found anymore...

I've never seen Back to the Future (don't ask, I honestly have no idea why either) but I'd wager this has something to do with the Fluxers and Capitors.

We found a
switch, but we don't know what it does.

Haha... okay. Lets loot them all!


Yeah... We'll come back later.

Back in town, it turns out this really was Winterhaven Tundara (which kind of explains the frozen cadavers). Lets go look for that Snowbeast!
I decided not to use the spell Light to save my magic points for the boss. The area where we need to go is pretty straight forward, its the outer edge of the towns map, so essentially its a big square. Apart from the random monsters, there are no obstacles in the way.

At the end of the corridor we find a button. Uh okay, I thought we were gonna find the Snowbeast? Well, whatever, we press it and head back to the town.

Well, the button did change something. Its a bit hard to explain. Basically there was a false wall that we walked through to get into the edge of the city wall. So then we are facing the city wall. If you turn left its a solid wall, so the only way to go was to turn right and go through the entire corridor and press that button. I figured on the return trip through the corridor, once I hit the wall I would turn left and return to town. Well, that didn't work out to well. That wall disappeared, and...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Time out! I thought there was only one snowbeast! The proceed to rip us a new one. I killed like 2-3 before they kill me. Fortunately, the number is random. We engage them a few times, and each time we get killed. But eventually we fight them and there are only 4 so we finally emerge victorious.

You may notice Hein and Elayne's shit ton of health. Thats because I used an item that temporarily increases HP. Its like a Potion of HP or something. I had two of them and you can use them three times each, so I had the first six characters drink it. Regardless Swift and Sir Hyron were still killed in the battle. That just shows how freaking hard these monster were.

All this for new mercenaries I probably won't use.

I'll admit I was using a guide for a bit and it said not to take the ring or the villagers will think you murdered the girl who owns the ring and attack you or something. To be honest, I should have taken the ring for shits and giggle, but for some reason I didn't. Sorry.

For comparison's sake, here's Gertrude and Drog's stats. There's really not enough difference to warrant using one over the other. BUT! As I said in my first post I'm racist so I only use humans! Plus Gertrude is old as hell. I remember having age issues when I played MM3 and MM4/5 so even though Gertrude is only 24, that could add up in the end.

I only compared Gertrude and Drog since they are the same class. I don't remember what class Rat Fink was. Chances are he was something one of my main character was or something so I didn't even bother to look at his stats.

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