Saturday, May 1, 2010

Might and Magic II - Part 5

So I haven't played this in awhile. I had some free time the other day so I figured I should update. This is a short update, because nothing really exciting happened.

Basically the progression of this game, quite frankly, sucks. The first map seems easy enough. Mediocre monsters that you pretty much have to try and get killed by. Then you go to the next map over, and...

You get killed instantly by everything and anything. Granted I actually did win this battle, but not without paying with a few of my character's lives.

Hmm, this doesn't look like a muscular man to me. Albeit, amazons are pretty beefy, but they are quite obviously female.

Anyhow, I always wanted to be.... A LUMBERJACK! Leaping from tree to tree, with my best girlie by my side. We'd sing, sing, sing...

Unfortunately, my dream will never become a reality.... At least I can always fall back on adventuring.

We found some priests asking if we seek the Sword of Nobility, having never heard of such a sword, I was like, "uh...sure?" Bad idea. They proceeded to blast me into oblivion with crazy powerful spells that gibbed each of my party members one by one. Needless to say, I died.

After getting killed on a number of occasions, we head back to town. Somehow we found Sandsobar. We head over to the slums, as we heard tell of a dungeon in the slums.

The dungeon was relatively easy. There really wasn't much to show about it. We did find quite a few "hints" about locations of certain items and such.

The Thaumaturge of Good is apparently in a safe. Fortunately we now have the combination. Unfortunately we have no bloody clue as to where it is...

We can't even swim, so I doubt we'll be going to the Elemental Plane of Water anytime soon. But if we do, we know where to get Encasement, whatever that is. Sounds like a magic spell to me. Also sounds like a pretty useless spell.

I'm thinking this is a typo and should be capacitor. Its probably related to the fluxers.

Finally the Earth Disc is apparently in Castle Xabran. I still have no idea where to find the keys to get in these castles. And I'm probably still too low in level to force my way in.

This sounds better than it actually is. Hein, my thief, has always sucked. This boosted his thief skills a bit, but ultimately, he still blows himself up when trying to disarm traps. Now its basically EVERY OTHER chest that explodes instead of EVERY chest.

I played for quite a long time, and I didn't even muster a level up for every character.

End of Part 5...

Updates are probably going to be infrequent. This game is fricking hard. Its hard as hell to find an area where I should be, but easy as hell to find a place I SHOULDN'T be. I'm kind of getting frustrated. I'm gonna try and finish this Lets Try and Play, but it could be awhile for an update.