Friday, April 2, 2010

Might and Magic II - Part 4

As you may remember we last left off in the city of Sandsobar, which despite its name is not in the desert. Anyhow, after "clearing" the area, we decide to head out of the city.

Found some more gibberish signs.

I had just started the game, so I didn't really care if I died yet, so why not?

Needless to say, I died.

Wandering around we found a castle. We needed yet another key. Knowing what happened last time, we decide to walk away unscathed.

Only to promptly run into half-naked Barbarian chicks. They systematically one-hit kill each character.

I wander around trying to find where to go / trying not to get killed, and fail miserably. I died around 3 more times. Sandsobar is not a very friendly area. I'm knd of curious how I even got there in the first place.

Fortunately in the city of Sandsobar, there is a teleporter NPC. It costs a bit of gold, but it teleports you to Middlegate, which is probably more fit for my level.

So back wandering outside Middlegate and we find the black knight. We fight, and he kills us. So much for this area being more fit for my level. Well, maybe I have wandered a bit far. And stupid me forgot to set the spawnpoint back at Middlegate so I spawn back at Sandsobar.

After resetting the spawn point to Middlegate, I remember that I can travel in the thick forests and mountains, so I start explorng the area right around the city.

I fight some crazed dwarves. They are kind of difficult, since they have a skill that can hit like 15 damage on the entire party. Fortunately I kill them before they do so.

Nasty Witches! In the animation she has a exaggerated jiggle if you catch my drift. They were actually relatively easy. I thought they were gonna kill us.

OrCon! Orc aren't hard so we fight them.

Well, maybe 250 orcs might be a bit hard. We fight for awhile, but I didn't realize that orcs had bows, so we were out-matched. We kill about 50-75 of them, but ultimately we have no choice but to run from battle.

We find some Jesus-wannabe here. I think he teaches the spell "Fly"or something.

Hmm, this calls for investigation. Which ends in us being murdered by a pegasus.

We find the city of Tundra! Despite the foresty backdrop, it really is in the tundra.

Stepping into the city and a beggar warns us of the snowbeast.

There's really not much to see in Tundra. Just a few messages on the walls.

I'm curious why they say "last seen wearing a ring." Was the ring ALL she was wearing?

Apparently people have been disappearing in the city.

This area is probably the place most of interest. I decided not to go there, because the enemies walking around town were kind of strong.

Back near the town of Middlegate, we find Corak's Cave! Lloyd is supposed to be trapped in here, so we venture forth as a rescue team.

Hmm, this place is littered with the undead. Every where you go, zombies, skeletons and mummies.

I figured there would be treasure in here, but all I found were more mummies and zombies.

After exploreing the entire undead filled dungeon, we find Corak's Crypt. This must be where Lloyd is!

Unfortunately, its apparently become some sort of amusement park type thing. We don't have tickets, so we can't go in...

Crestfallen, we leave the dungeon.

Fortunately, the undead give lots of experience. They also dropped some awesome equipment.

End of part 4...

This was kind of a short chapter, but I played the game for quite awhile. Its just, that nothing really exciting happened in the game.

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