Sunday, March 7, 2010

Might and Magic II - Part 1, The Beginning

First off, I should point out that I've never finished this game. I remember having fun playing it back in the day, when DOS games were still big. I've been reading a lot of Lets Plays recently, and kind of wanted to do one on a game not many people have played. So in a bout of nostalgia, I found my old copy of the Ultimate Might and Magic Archive, which contains the first five titles.

So why MM2? Basically, MM1 wouldn't run using DOSBox, and I didn't care enough to tweak my settings. Besides it is so commandline based that it probably wouldn't make an exciting Lets Play.

Anyways, here goes:

The title screen. In all its pixelated glory. If that doesn't make you nostalgic, nothing will.

To begin our quest we have to make a party.  We can have up to six characters.  Unfortunately there are 8 classes.  Fortunately, the Ninja and Barbarian classes are complete and utter shit, so it doesn't really matter.  If you think they are any good, good for you, keep using your shitty thief wanna-be and naked barbarian.  Here's my party: (Click to enlarge)

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

If your wondering why all my characters are human, its because I'm racist.

Anyways, the first thing we see when we spawn into the exciting world of Might and Magic IS...

A DOOR!  Is it a magic door?  No.  But as I walk through the hall towards the door, we are confronted by...

The Spirit of Corak!  Who the fuck is Corak?  In the words of Corak himself (or at least his spirit self) "Only time will tell..."

And apparently we don't need magic.  Only might.  The game has already sold us short.  I thought it was called Might and Magic II, not Might II.  Ah well.

Moving on towards our first battle!  Against...

Inept Wizards!  Oh, and an Old Miser and a Venomous Snake.  We promptly slay our opponents and get some loot!

Unfortunately there was nothing of value inside.  But at least it wasn't trapped.

Moving on, we fight..!?

Floating Heads!  There's only four of them, we should be able to take them. 

The floating heads promptly kick our sorry asses...  (Man if you didn't catch that forshadowing, you must be really slow)

When you die, someone apparently goes out and finds your bodies and brings you back to the inn.  For some reason, I don't have a picture of the inn, so have a picture of the hot bartender!

Oh boy, look at her!  She is so gorgeous.  Just look at her!  Where else can you find such perfect skin (if by perfect you mean purple)?  And those feet!  How many toes does she have?  Like 3?  Oh wow.  And the way her clothes just blend into the wall.  Amazing.  

Anyhow, more fightan!

ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOBEETLE!  After a long grueling battle against the Hypnobeetles, we get some loot!

Awesome loot to be exact!  Well, the loot was good, except the chest exploded and killed Hein.  Hein is the worst thief ever.  He sets more traps off than the Knight.  The knight just fucking opens the chest without even thinking, and he's fine.  But Hein tries to be cautious and then, BOOM! He blows up.

We go to the church to revive Hein.

Now that we have some money, lets go train.

And then we explore town a bit.  One of the rooms we enter...

A disembodied voice, apparently belonging to Nordonna tells us to leave.  We oblige, cause there's nothing creepier than disembodied voices with names.

We eventually find the blacksmith and buy some overprced armor.

Continuing on, we get our first quest!  Yay!

Sure we'll help you Mr Wizard dude! What do you need us to do?

Pshaw!  Goblins?  That doesn't sound very exciting.  So off to the dungeon!

Whoa.  Its dark down here.  Can't see shit!

Lets cast light!  I think its this spell....

Hmm, thats not a very good sign.  Get it?  Sign?  Yeah, okay, sorry.

More fightan!

Beggars!  Get the fuck away, this is our money!

We kill the beggars and loot miniscule amounts of money fromt them.  And then we get fought by something (I forgot to take a screenshot of what, cause I honestly thought we could take it).

But I was wrong.

And again!

Invariably we did get quite a bit of money down there so we decide to train.

Woo, level 4!  

Except for the people that DIE!

End of Part 1...

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