Friday, September 30, 2011

Might and Magic II: Part 6 (In which I don't remember anything)

Yeah, see the title. I last played the game like 6 months ago. I played it three times, so I have 3 small updates worth of pictures. Of course I'm just uploading them now, so I don't even remember what happened when I last played, so I apologize if its not up to par with the last updates.

Anyways, here we go.

So we begin by wandering around the wilderness outside the starting city. We farmed Griffons for awhile, and got some good stuff. While going back to town we stumble upon the circus.

We play all the games and they basically all give the same prize:

Whatever the heck that is...

We wander by the river and encounter the black knight from Monty Python again.

Well, you know, I have to at least try. He's still overpowered.

We find the Gourmet. I wonder why the G is capitalized?

He's kind of a jerk. I guess we don't fit the bill. Well, we are eating stuff called Goblins Gruel so...

We found this guy in the middle of no where.

Still no idea what the heck a cupie doll is, so as far as I'm concerned he can have it. He seems pretty elated about it. Now we just have to find the Inner Limits, which I have about as much knowledge about as I do cupie dolls...

Eventually our venturing brings us into the desert.

Where we proceed to get horribly maimed. I think David fled, only to get killed trying to get back to town.

We leave whatever city we were saved at and...

Yeah, I don't even know anymore... What I learned from this is: YOU DON'T MESS WITH MAD PEASANTS!

In the mountains near Winterhaven Tundara (I think) we find something interesting.

Somehow I lack a screenshot to what happens next, but I think I have a pretty good guess it didn't end well. I already know there are sludge monsters, I imagine we were annihilated by super sludge monsters.

I think I have learned to stay away from water, there's always pretty scary monsters near water.

Why do all the humans in the game have purple skin? They don't look too hard, they're only half naked girls, right?

OH MY JESUS HELL GOD! The screen can't show it, but when she frenzies she hits I think either all the characters or 4 random characters. Either way its hurts like all hell. Fortunately it also kills her.  Unfortunately there are many other natives ready to do the same.

Oh look! We somehow survived! I did learn my lesson. Don't mess with monsters with "Crazed," "Mad," or anything similar in their names. Those mad peasants that attacked us earlier had the same move.

Quick pitstop at the temple in some city.

Uh... what?

Oh god, where am I?

Thats not very nice. My entire party consists of humans. Well, lets continue regardless, I mean, we're already lost as hell. We don't even know where we are at this point.

Well, if we go there, we'll at least sort of know where we are. We'll know we're at Luxus Palace, wherever that is. However, we decide not to. I imagine wherever we are, its location might be near-ish to where we got teleported here from. So if we can get out, we might be able to figure out where we are.

They really want me to go to Luxus Palace it seems. Still, I decline.

We found our way out somehow. Turns out we were in Castle Pinehurst. However, they still won't let us in without a key. We head back to the inn and save. And then head back to that spot that teleported us into the castle.

I went a different direction and found a different teleporter NPC. I decided that I saved, so why the hell not. I'll bet you'll never guess why we shouldn't!

Thats all the screenshots I have for this update. I have two more updates to do (probably tomorrow and the next day). Then I'll start playing again and I'll have fresh updates where I don't have to completely bullshit stuff up.

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