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Might and Magic II - Part 11

Holy crap!  We actually have some semblance of progress today!  I did abuse some things from the guide, but I got bored of it fast, so it only helps a bit.  And I kind of knew about it already, I just used the guide to find the specific coordinates.

Uh, what was that I said about progress...?  We went Vulcania because its the next city I should go to, I think.  Well, as you can see, Vulcania is pretty volatile, with volcanoes and lava and DYING.  Also, as you may remember I forgot how to get to Vulcania, well there's a pretty good reason.  I never actually walked there to begin with.  Each city has a warping NPC.  Middlegate warps to Sandsobar which warps to Middlegate and Tundara.  Tundara warps to Vulcania (by way of a talking polar bear) and back to Sandsobar.

Fortunately, the monster inside the city are fairly easy.  I actually took the screen shot of the vikings because I really thought they were gonna kill me.  They turned out to be a lot easier than I predicted.

Vulcania warps to Atlantium!  The last city, but not lost city, of the game!  We decided to go to Atlantium as soon as we finished exploring Vulcania.

Ah, the delicacies of the world of Cron.  Red Hot Wolf Nipple Chips, and now Pickled Pixie Brains.  If you're mouth doesn't water from hearing that, I don't know whats wrong with you.  Our party pigs out on such delicious sounding meals.  We head off on our way.

Unfortunately, I didn't screencap the scripted battle, because it didn't look like a scripted battle at all.  It was just a few goblins and gnomes, nothing noteworthy.  We dispatched them, and Thund R. the Barbarian and Aerial greet us.  We already have Drog as our barbarian, but we decided to compare their stats.  We head off to the inn.

I removed all of Drog's equipment to get a better picture of his minimum stats.  Minus the Drog's absurd speed, Thund R.'s stats are relatively higher.  I probably should have explained this a long time ago, but stats don't change upon leveling up.  Whatever your stats are at the beginning of the game, they will the same, unless you use certain tricks to permanently enhance them (such as the treadmill in the previous update).  Thund R. is significantly lower in level, but overall, his stats are better, so we decided to part ways with Drog.  After stealing all his gear of course!  Unfortunately, Thund R. can't equip the Scale Armor +8 since it can only be used by Neutral chartacters, and Thund R. is a goody goody.

Now that we finished exploring Vulcania, lets make our way to Atlantium!

First thing of interest in Atlantium are the statues.  There's a bunch of them too.  I don't know why, but I never took a screenshot of Brutal Bruno.  He's near where I trained on the Barbarian chicks in previous updates.  He just says something about he only talks to Barbarians or something.

Basically all the statues give the whereabouts of the class-specific quest.  I still don't exactly know how they work though.  I guess I have to kick the other characters out and fight them only with the class labeled?

Except for maybe the Robbers?  I guess he can come along on all the quests?  If so, thats pretty cool, at least I'll have an additional decent character.  Unless I power-level shitty new characters just to do it.

I missed the chance to screen shot getting the Fe Farthing.  To get the Fe Farthing, you need to have everyone (or maybe just the leader) donate to the temple in each city.  We'll get to what the Fe Farthing is in a bit.

The last bar we need to eat at!  We just need to find the Gourmet again, where ever the hell he was.  Lightly Salted Tongue of Toad, and Devils Food Brownie actually sound semi-edible, and then there's Puree of Gnome...

Okay, that explains where Peabody is then!  And I sort of know where Pinehurst is too!

Well, you know me and danger.  If it isn't possibly gonna kill us, its not worth doing!  You may notice that I have Sherman in the party. He's a Paladin, and we replaced Sir Hyron with him.  For some reason I never took the stat comparison screenshots, but assuming since he's in the party, he had better stats.  Plus he's a paladin, and its always nice to have an extra healer in the party.  He was the in the Atlantium inn.

After fighting a few long battles in the jail itself, we find Death Row!  The door was locked, and we tried to bash it down, but it exploded.  We then tried to unlock it, and Hein was actually able to do so!

Inside we are confronted by Giant Ogres.  And they surprised us!  I thought this was gonna end badly, but they turned out to be pretty easy.

We save both Big Bootay and Cleogotcha from death row.  They're not very smart it seems.  They were thrown in jail for being wrongfully accused by the Atlantians, yet they're gonna stay at the Atlantian inn...  If I were them I'd stay as far away from  Atlantium as possible.

I don't really understand this area...  There's nothing in particular about it, just that every battle involves knight/warrior type classes.  It wasn't really that amazing.

Its the exact same as the other room, only the battles have priests and wizards.  The shaman are pretty annoying.  They can paralyze characters which can only be restored via divine magic, which only David has, or by going to the temple.

Well, guess what?  David was the one that got paralyzed.  Swift and Thund R. are only dead because they were really hurt, and already paralyzed.  The monsters dropped a chest, but since Hein was paralyzed, we couldn't disarm the trap, and it blew them up.  So the rest of us are hauling the dead bodies and paralyzed people back to the temple, when we get attacked by the Nasty Witches.  I had to make a gif of it to show off the jiggle.  Fortunately Nasty Witches and Pixies are frequent near Middlegate, so the battle wasn't that hard even with dead and paralyzed characters.  They also dropped a chest, which thankfully, did not blow up!

 Speaking of Middlegate...

This fountain is in Middlegate, and its where you need to bring the Fe Farthing.  Tossing it into the well gives you a Castle Key which I didn't take a screen shot of apparently.  Anyhow the Castle Key allows us to enter the castles without having to fight the guards.

Here's the food at Middlegate.  I like the name Horrors d'ouervres.  This also made me remember that I had eaten all the food, so lets go to the Gourmet!

Who ever talks to him, after eating all the world's food gets 100,000 experience!  Everyone except the mercenaries can talk to him, well, the mercenaries CAN talk to him, but they can't eat the food at the bars.  Whats more...  this quest is repeatable!  It costs a lot of money, but its worth it I think.  I only repeated it once though.

Speaking of game breaking...  Its day 140!  That means the Circus is here!

We play some random game and win a Cupie Doll which we take to that crazy old man.  I'll admit I used a guide to figure out where the Inner Limits are.

We bathe in the pool and feel like winners!  Once you feel like a winner, you can go back to the circus, and each game increases a stat by ten for the whole party.  Once you win though, you have to start the whole thing over by giving the cupie doll to the old man and going to the pool again, but it is repeatable.  Each game does a specific stat.  Test of Strength increase might, the Kissing Booth raises Personality, Horseshoes raises accuracy, Head Dunk does endurance, Sack Race speed, Lucky Dice does luck obviously, and Shell Game increases intellect.  Similar to the treadmill, you can only increase the stats up to around 50.  I increased Might, Accuracy and Endurance, but got tired of doing it over and over again, so gave up after that.

Now that we feel like we can take on the world, we head back to Vulcania and go in the cavern beneath the city.

And promptly fall into a lava pit!  Somehow we survive, but most of the party in unconscious.  Being the intrepid adventurers that we are, we won't let lava pits stop us!

We will however leave robots the fuck alone.  Specifically since no one in the party can hurt it.  Ian could probably cast a spell to damage it, but otherwise, it was slowly killing us.  We just ran away.

We somehow survived the volcano!  Only to get killed by another eruption...  Lets get the fuck out of Dodge...

So we go down to Atlantium's cavern instead, which is much easier.  There are quite a few rooms, each one says the same over the door.  As soon as you enter, you get attacked by some monsters.  Some harder than others.

Well, now I know what the tickets do...  Maybe I should try the arenas soon?

Holy crap!  Thats a lot of experience!

I'm hoping by "time enough spent" it just means that the Encasement is there, and not that I have to actually spend a specific amount of time there.

I guess that's what I'm missing in Vulcania cavern.  We'll deal with it eventually.

We press the button, and it teleports us outside where we get attacked by a Cloud Dragon, and some Wyverns.

Why not?

Haha!  We're too smart for you, disembodied voice!  Unfortunately, the +25 speed is only temporary (until you rest).

Were you the one trying to trick us with the fountains?  We easily dispatch the troll.

We make our way back to Atlantium's cavern.

Again, why not?  This actually increases the party's intellect, similar to the treadmill. We set this as our transport point with Lloyd's Beacon, and use the spell surface to get out of the dungeon, and teleporting back in with Lloyd's Beacon to use it again.  We did this until everyone's intellect is over 50.

I don't really understand what this means, but okay...

It is a dead end, but the death part wasn't true.  There were some hard monsters, but we were able to survive.

These guys don't sound like good sound mercenaries if you ask me...  Fumbler and Flailer?  Fumbler sounds like he'd miss all the time, and Flailer sounds like he'd run away from battle while waving his hands in the air screaming.  I think I'll pass on them.

This one warped us to another spot in the dungeon, a minor hindrance.

This statue exploded into monsters!  I make it a rule to kill magic-type monsters, so we killed the warlocks first off.  I don't know what they can cast, but better safe than sorry.  Everything else were easy monsters, but I don't think I ever fought warlocks before.

And finally, thats the end for today.  Sorry about the length, but a lot happened this play through.  Comparing our stats from the previous update, our heroes have grown a lot, thanks to using the training grounds in Atlantium versus the one in Middlegate. Ian nearly doubled his HP in two levels.  Everyone has pretty decent SP now too.  Thund R. is six levels below Swift, but he already has nearly the same amount of HP.

Our next intended destination is Castle Pinehurst.  Maybe go to the past, and see what thats all about.  Worst case scenario its too freaking hard and we'll try a different castle, like the one near Middlegate, that one should be easier just because of that.

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