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Might and Magic II - Part 16

Earlier this week I found out there is a Might & Magic X being made, so I decided my goal is to finish the entire series (minus the first game) before it is released. Hahahahahahahaha. Yeah right. But I will try my damnedest. So here's another update, not even a week after my last one! What the hell is wrong with me?

I began this update by doctoring my characters stats.

A few updates back I went to Castle Woodhaven and drank this Ogre Ale, it decreases Personality by 5 but increases Might by 3. This is a screenshot from that past update, because it really day 150-ish, so the circus is still in session. So I had everyone (except Ian and David, because why would they need Might?) drink as much Ogre Ale as possible, lowering their Personality to 0. And then I went back to the circus and raised it back to 100. Then drank more Ogre Ale, rinse repeat until everyone had 255 Might, which is the max.

Not knowing what I should do I decided to try out the Juror's Quests. For the Juror's Quests each class has to do their quest alone, or with a Robber. I brought random hirelings along as well. Ian, Hein and Fumbler go to free the good and evil Wizards on the Good and Evil Zones, respectively. I don't even remember what Fumbler was, but I'm guessing he's a Robber? Whatever, he was just there to take hits. We started with the Good Castle, for no real reason.

I guess we're going to be illuminated by the good wizard.

Lets Play: Let's Make a Deal!

Both doors go to the same place, but the correct door has no monsters on the other side. Door #1 was the wrong door, by the way. After you go through the door, it opens up into another room with 3 doors instead. Same idea, and then the next room has one more door, and so forth. I just randomly went through doors in hope of getting the right door, 90% I failed. The monsters weren't hard though, so it wasn't too bad, at the end of the guessing game there was a battle with 3 Iron Wizards, which are pretty tough, but Ian can one-hit kill with the spell Implosion.

We found our way to the end of the castle where Yekop is sealed. To free him there are two combination lock things on either side of him. Fortunately a statue in Atlantium told us the combination.

We free Yekop only for him to tell us to save Ybmug. So much for Good triumphing over Evil. So we head back over to the Evil Zone and enter the castle over there. Its more or less the same dungeon. This time though, I notice hints to figure out which door to go through. The hints were probably in the first castle too, but I didn't check the walls at all, so I'm not sure. Too bad I either misinterpreted the hints, or they were just dead wrong. Instead of Illumination, we go through a door leading to Despair.

Okay then, there are only two doors, so it must be Door #2! The wall lied. I get fought, kill some monsters and read the next hint.

This one is obvious right? More than one, but less than a crowd. If three is a crowd, and the number is larger than one, then it has to be 2, right? YeahhhhNO. What the hell?

There were 10 doors. The largest prime would be 7. Still wrong. Okay, seriosuly, what the fuck, game?

I though I had this one figured out. There were 12 doors, but the twelfth door was labeled #11, and the eleventh door was labeled #12, so I went through the door labeled #12. Maybe it was a trick and I was supposed to go through the door labeled #11? I give up...

These doors were lettered instead of numbered. I'm onto the game at this point and know it doesn't mean E. Yes, E is the first letter in Eye, but there is a door labeled I. I go through door I and it fucking worked! The first and only door I went through that didn't make me fight monster on the other side! I seriously would have had better luck guessing randomly like I did in the Good Castle. There was a few more hints that I got dead wrong before I finally reached Ybmug.

We unlock the two combinations and free Ybmug, who thanks us and tells us to go back to the Juror's on Mount Farview. Have you figured out what Ybmug and Yekop are references to? Spell the names backwards. Gumby and Pokey. Apparently, according to New World Computing, Gumby is evil and Pokey is good.

Alright, so the Sorcerer Quest is done, as well as the Robber Quest. 5 more to go! We return to Middlegate and remove Ian and Fumbler from the party and pick up Swift and Sir Hyron. I used Sir Hyron a long time ago, he was one of my first hirelings I think. Well, by a long time ago, I mean, a LONG TIME ago. He's less than half Swift's level. Hein, Swift and Sir Hyron set off to do the Knight Quest.

The Knight Quest was really short and sweet. All we have to do is kill the Dread Knight. It wasn't too hard, the battle lasted three rounds. Sure he knocked out Sir Hyron in one hit. His second attack critically wounded Hein to single digit HP. He never got a third attack. Our knights have proven their worthiness!

I think I did the Barbarian Quest next. It was just as easy as the Knight Quest, if not easier. The developers should have made a male Barbarian monster. It just so weird, especially since the enemies are given male names, and you see a half-naked chick instead. Anyhow victory was ours. Onto the Archer Quest!

Baron Wilfrey is kind of a douchebag. We're just minding our business traveling through the forest when he just throws his glove at us. He had no idea what he got himself into.

We saved the forest from the Douchebag Baron.

Next we did the Cleric Quest, which was kind of hard.

Ghost are a pain in the ass. They need special weapons to hit them, I don't really know how it works. Typically I have Jeanne kill them, while everyone else kills the other monsters with them, since only Jeanne can hit them. Too bad this is the Cleric Quest and Jeanne can't come. Hein was completely useless. Fortunately David has Moon Ray which seemed to be the only spell that damaged them. Bad part is that it did such pitiful damage. I was genuinely worried he was going to run out of SP before he killed them all, but he was able to pull it off.

So we found Corak's Soul after killing the ghosts. Thats one half of the Cleric Quest done. Now we have to take it back to Corak's body down in his tomb. That was annoying since we needed a pass to go to Corak's Tomb, which you can get in Sandsobar's dungeon. I'll admit I was using a guide, and the guide gave the wrong coordinates in the Sandsobar dungeon. I eventually find the pass and return to Corak's Cave.

There is a barrier blocking entry to Corak's Tomb. We go to the left and find another disembodied voice telling us he turned off the barrier. We proceed to the tomb.

We freed Corak and for some reason he decides to give us some advice. Too bad the advice was completely irrelevant since we have all the Encasement spells at this point. Its the thought that counts?

All we have left is the Paladin Quest! Bad part is that its in a dungeon we've never been to before. Even worse is the guide I was using gave the wrong coordinates AGAIN! The guide said the dungeon was in B1, when it was actually in C3. It took me forever to figure this out, especially since B1 is the tundra area, so I kept thinking I was just getting snowblinded and teleported around before I actually reached the dungeon. Eventually I gave up and used a different guide and found out I was in the wrong area. The plan was to go through the dungeon as a party so we can map it out, and then I can bring only the Paladins and Robbers to do the quest.

On our way to find the dungeon we find a doorway to hell! Enh, why not?

CAT FROM HELL! Cat corpses are easy enough, so we figure we got this in the bag.

But we were wrong. The Cat from Hell did something that hit 1500+ damage on 6 people. David and Ian were able to run the fuck away before they were turned into cat food. Upon reflecting on this battle I believe I could win it. It only knocked out the people it hit, if I had David use Moon Ray, it will heal the party, bringing the knocked out back to consciousness. We were doing fairly nice damage to the Cat from Hell, so I think we could stand a chance. It all depends on how much health the Cat has and how many time David will have to use Moon Ray. I'll have to try later.

Eventually we found the dungeon, and it wasn't so hard as annoying. Apparently it was some sort of military bunker or something. There were doors Marked Infantry, Legion, Command and The Sarge. The doors marked Infantry and Legion had a bunch of minor enemies right behind the door. So i had to fight 250+ Orcs in one battle, 250+ Goblins in another, and so forth. It was just annoying since they had no chance to kill me. Each Legion had its own Sarge.

I killed them both before they could attack, so I'm unsure if they are worthy of the names the game gives them. Having completely explored the dungeon, we return to town and kick everyone out of the party except Hein, Sherman and Jeanne. We return to the dungeon and go through the Paladin's Only passage.

Dragons have been a thorn in my party's side for a while now. I can kill them, but they usually come in packs which usually ends badly for me. This is a lone dragon, so I'm not too worried. And I was right it not being worried, we killed it before it could even attack.

The Paladin's are now worthy of... something. So all the Juror Quests are completed. Time to take the party back to Mount Farview. Once we get there everyone is awarded 5 million experience points. That is a metric shit ton of experience. We go to Atlantium to train, and each character gets at least three levels.

Ending stats from last update.

Ending stats for this update. I decided to show the actual Character sheets for my party this time to show off the stats. I think its kind of hard to read since I shrank the image a bit. I also wanted to show off the "+" symbol next to everyone's class, denoting that they have done their Juror Quest. I don't exactly know what the + symbol does. I dunno if they get more HP/SP when they level or not.

I need to find new equipment for some characters. Elayne's Might Gauntlets are useless now since her base Might is 255. As far as I know they do not add "invisible" Might that goes over 255. I'll have to find something else. Maybe some Accuracy Gauntlets.

Anyhow my team is pretty badass now, but their are still ridiculously overpowered enemies out there. Like the Cat from Hell, or those Cuisinarts from last update. I really think we're starting to get into the end game now though. To start the final main story quests, every character in the party has to have finished their Juror Quest. However, I still haven't even been to some of the castles yet, so I really have no idea how much more there is to the game. End of Part 16.


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